Mia Bazo relieves the anxieties of frequent travel and simplifies your life.

Mia Bazo is the only complete service for frequent travellers,
designed specifically for individuals and SMEs.

The online platform and smartphone apps integrate tax compliance, visa and immigration management, travel tracking, travel security, travel document and vaccination vault, travel expense management and climate impact.

Avoid unnecessary tax through automated tracking of your days in jurisdictions.
Automated tracking of your employees' individual and combined presence in jurisdictions, to avoid heavy taxes and fines.
Automatic tracking of how many days left on your visas, to avoid being fined, denied entry or expelled.
Avoid unnecessary business disruption and maximise your employees' allowed travel time through automated tracking of visas.
Accurately calculate and share the carbon footprint of your properties, vehicles and travel: auto, bus, rail, air, cruise (and unicycle). Options for carbon offset and carbon reduction.
Accurately calculate, offset and make public the combined carbon footprint of your premises, vehicles and employees' business travel.
Manage your itinerary from door to door: Pogo-stick, taxi, rail, bus, air or cruise. Automated notifications at each step, for your family and friends.
Fulfil your duty of care and maximise the use of your staff by knowing where each employee is at all times.
Automated safety check in, real-time security alerts and destination guides for you and your friends and family at home.
Automated safety check ins and real-time security alerts about events that may affect your staff, with daily summaries.
Securely store your travel documents for easy access on your phone or online: Passports, visas, driving licenses, vaccination records, travel insurance.
Summary information for your travel coordinator on the status of all employees' travel documents. Avoid disruption of business due to lost or expired documents.
A simple-to-use application for tracking per-journey expenses, integrated with your geolocation data.
A simple-to-use application for tracking per-journey expenses, integrated with geolocations for validating your tax reporting.
Our subscriptions range from $4.99 to $14.99 per month.
No extra fees, ever.

Let's all love the planet. The climate impact module is free.
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