Update colleagues and friends on your progress

Our Origin

If you’re caught up in a major incident, the first thing you want to do, once you get to safety, is let your family and friends know you’re all right.

In 2004, our founder John Scott was travelling in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit. He stayed on another week to assist in the aid effort, collecting donations from friends and family and using the funds to buy basic supplies for people who needed them.

John thought then about the process of notifying loved ones after a major incident. He considered that if just a little data packet could get through, you could potentially notify everyone at once that you’re all right. This idea became ShoutSafe, which was the precursor to the Travel Tracking module of our sister product, Voyage Manager.

Since its release in 2010, Voyage Manager has become the leading travel tracking technology for large organisations. For Mia Bazo, we have migrated seven of the Voyage Manager modules to a self-service platform, and made it affordable for individuals and SMEs.

Data Driven and Climate Conscious

Based in Cambridge, England – the UK’s “Silicon Fen” – data quality is at the heart of our services. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, complete information, so individuals and SMEs can make their best decisions.

We’re also just a tad obsessed with the environment. For getting around town, we use electric vehicles and company bikes. By the end of 2021, we will also have offset all our non-green travel.

(That’s John on the right, there – the nerdy looking guy with the hair and sandals. He’s got solar panels on his roof, too.)

Data-driven company with green credentials
How do we keep our prices so affordable?

The technology behind Mia Bazo is shared with our sister product, Voyage Manager,
which has been providing the same comprehensive suite of travel services to large organisations since 2010.
Because the heavy lifting of building the core platform has already been done,
we have the luxury of devoting our exceptional development team entirely to innovation.

We have bootstrapped both Voyage Manager and Mia Bazo;
we have no corporate debt; and our team is small.
We pass the savings on to you.

What does Mia Bazo mean?

Mia Bazo means “my base” in Esperanto. We are our own best users, and Mia Bazo is the hub of our daily lives.