Climate change is high on the agenda of businesses, customers, employees and citizens of the planet.

Already, companies are requiring their suppliers to demonstrate how they are mitigating their environmental impact. Mia Bazo helps you do that.

The best-in-class Mia Bazo Climate Impact module lets you accurately calculate your personal and company carbon footprint, offset that footprint, and soon, reduce it.

With our Climate Impact online platform and mobile app, you can

Calculate the carbon footprint of your vehicles, properties and yes, even your travel: taxi, bus, rail, air and hotel accommodation. We combine all currently available sources of data to create the most accurate model possible.
Publish your calculator – not a screenshot, but an active table that changes as data come in.
Purchase carbon offset directly through Mia Bazo, which is automatically reflected in your calculator, or purchase offset elsewhere and manually enter the information.

We have begun development on carbon reduction strategies that will, for example,
allow you to choose travel routes that emit the least amount of CO2.

Why Mia Bazo?

Our Climate Impact module is unique;
there is no more accurate calculator on the market.
And it’s free.

Let's all love the planet. The climate impact module is free.

Our subscriptions range from $4.99 to $14.99 per month.
No extra fees, ever.
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