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Exercise duty of care for your people with daily safety check-ins, real-time security alerts and country guides.

For travellersMia Bazo provides country guides that teach them how to stay safe in that country. The system asks them for a daily email or text confirmation that they’re OK, and sends them security alerts if there’s been an incident in their area.

For businesses, our travel risk management software

  • Provides up-to-date country guides that help your staff stay safe.
  • Sends you confirmations of your people’s daily safety check-ins.
  • Notifies you if a traveller has failed to confirm.
  • Gives you a single view of relevant global security alerts for all your current travellers.

Our travel security platform and mobile app provide

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Safety Check-Ins

Daily queries, by text or email, asking if you’re OK.

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Notifies your travel administrator, or whoever you designate, that you have checked in, or failed to check in.

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Alerts you, or your travel administrator, whenever there is a security incident in your area, from natural disasters to political unrest.

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Country Guides

Up-to-date information about staying safe, and a wealth of practical information, from banking hours to driving laws.

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"The last few years have shown how volatile situations can be. Because we’re in the public sector, we have a lot of rules and regulations about duty of care for our travellers, and Mia Bazo has been our most important tool."

Dominic Milne University of Aberdeen

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