Travel tax compliance is the single most stressful issue for frequent travellers and their employers.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, you need to comply with local laws regarding “days in jurisdiction”* (country, state, city) to ensure you aren’t personally taxed.

If you’re an SME, the same applies to the combined days in jurisdiction of all your staff who travel.
(Bureaucratically speaking, you want to avoid the appearance of a “permanent establishment”.)

Mia Bazo automates all of this. You never need worry about it again.

With our integrated online platform and tax app, we

Calculate your number of days in jurisdiction, or those of your company.
Notify you and your company if you’re about to reach your threshold.
Record this permanently, in case you’re audited.

*What is a jurisdiction?

Hang onto your seats; this is even more complicated than you thought.

All countries have their own tax laws. But as just one example, the United States is a tax jurisdiction, plus a majority of the US states also have their own tax laws, as do some cities, such as San Francisco.

You, or your company, seriously don’t want to exceed your permitted number of days in any of these.

Why Mia Bazo?

For our tax module, there are (much more expensive) alternatives to Mia Bazo.

But why pay their ridiculous fees when, included in our monthly subscription, you also get
travel tracking, travel security, visa management,
document vault, expense management and climate impact?

Let's all love the planet. The climate impact module is free.

Our subscriptions range from $4.99 to $14.99 per month.
No extra fees, ever.
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