Travel Document Security and Vaccination Vault Store and access your travel documents online and on your phone

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Losing your travel documents can really ruin your trip.

Yet thoustands of people lose their passports and vital documents every day. You need a solution then ensures access to them and eases the process of replacing the originals.

Our online vault for travel documents allows you to store:

  • PDFs, scanned images and photographs of your passports, driving licenses, travel insurance and vaccination records.
  • Vital information, such as country of issuance, document ID and “valid from” and “valid to” dates.

We also warn you before documents expire.

(We appreciate that a photo of your passport won’t get you in and out of countries, but it makes the process of replacing it much faster. Ask anyone who works at a consulate.)

With our online platform and mobile app, you can be sure your travel documents are

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You can view your documents on your phone, or on the online portal if you lose your phone. Only your travel administrator or someone you designate can also view your documents.

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Your can secure your Vault with a password or biometrics. We store Vault records in data centres with government grade security, encrypt them on our servers with military grade encryption, and transfer them using secure communications at every stage.

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We notify you if a document is approaching its expiration date.

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"I wish I’d had the Vault when I boarded my last cruise! Because of Covid, the amount of paperwork involved these days is ridiculous. If I’d had the Vault, I could have just shown the embarkation staff the PDFs and QR codes right on my phone."

Stuart Gonzales Frequent traveller

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