All countries limit your length of stay.

Whether or not you need a visa to enter a given country, there will always be a number of days you’re permitted in country, within a given period of time. Avoid travel disruption with the Mia Bazo Visa Compliance module.

Visa regulations change all the time. For example, since the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, UK citizens travelling to their second home in the EU have already been denied entry, fined for overstaying, or expelled for having exceeded their days in country.

With the Mia Bazo Visa Compliance module, you can easily view the status of all your personal visas and your days-in-country to date. No more flipping through the pages of your passport, trying to figure out where you’ve been and how long you’ve been there.

If you’re a travel administrator, Mia Bazo simplifies visa management with a single view for all the travellers in your company.

With our integrated online platform and mobile app, we

Monitor your travel to keep you within per-country limits.
Notify you when you’re approaching limits.
Record this permanently, to make visa applications simpler.
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