Travel Expense Management Capture expenses anytime, anywhere

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The travel expense app that captures expenses on the go,
and integrates them with your complete travel record.

Don’t let travel receipts pile up until it takes half a day to file your expense reports.

Travel expense management can be time consuming, especially if you’re a frequent traveller. At Mia Bazo, we understand the frustration of sorting through paper receipts and offer a travel expense management system that eliminates them.

Our travel expense management system allows you to digitally store your receipts whether you’re offline or online, and tag them with the location of the purchase, and run expense reports

With our online travel platform and mobile app, you can

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Capture your expenses by photographing receipts and uploading them via mobile or email, or in real time using Monzo card transactions.

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Per-trip reports make it easy for you to claim expenses, or for your travel coordinator to track the staff’s combined travel expenditure for a single event.

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Because expenses are linked to specific trips and geolocations, you can use them to validate your personal or company tax, visa and immigration reporting.

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"I hated doing my expense report so much, I used to let the paperwork pile up until it took me half a day to file my expenses. Then I’d have to squint at the receipts to figure out which receipt was for which trip. With Mia Bazo, I photograph the receipt and tag it with a location. Then I just run a report as soon as I get home and done!"

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