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Early in the Ukraine war, an article in BBC News pointed out that risk management experts were suddenly in high demand. The article was thought-provoking and informative, and we recommend it.

But it struck us whilst reading that every example it gave, for the need for risk management, was about a very large organisation.

We appreciate that travel risk management technology wasn’t previously available to small and medium size businesses. Mia Bazo is meant to close that gap.

Our sister company, Voyage Manager, supplies the same travel tracking and travel security tools as Mia Bazo, but to large organisations. When the Ukraine war began, our physical security partners spent weeks getting people out of Ukraine. In this case, their clients who use Voyage Manager only had to look at our world map to see who was in Ukraine (or Russia, or Belarus) to know who might need evacuation.

If you read this blog regularly, you know how seriously we take employers’ duty of care for their people who travel. No matter how small your company, we ask you to consider taking advantage of our tools. Real-time security alerts and active tracking – actually knowing where your people are, as opposed to where they’re supposed to be – are two of the many functions now affordable for small and medium sized companies. For USD 9.99 per month, per traveller, they can give you and your teams peace of mind.

J Laurence Sarno

J Laurence Sarno is co-founder and CMO of Mia Bazo, with more than 30 years in technology marketing. He led his first socially responsible company in the late 1970s and is passionate about ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

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