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We have some app news; app consolidation and new releases.

We have reduced the number of smartphone apps down to 3; Nucleus, Travel and Tax. We are doing this to make it easier to manage and maintain the apps. The other apps have been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Nucleus app was developed to provide all of the functions of all the apps, so we are not reducing the functionality of our platform. You will find the services such as Expense, Immigration and Vault within the Nucleus app.

We have released new versions of the Android apps to provide better support for Android 12 and above. We know some of you had problems with the app on the latest Android versions.

John Scott

John Scott is founder and CEO of Mia Bazo and our sister company Voyage Manager, with 24 years in software design and development. He is a digital nomad and committed environmentalist.

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