Travel Security

What are the functions of Mia Bazo’s Travel Security tool?

We offer

  • Country Guides, which advise travellers how to stay safe in their destination.
  • Real-time Security Alerts for global incidents that could affect a traveller.
  • Automated daily security check-ins and confirmations, by text or email.
  • Travel Tracking, which is also a major component of Travel Security. See the Travel Tracking services page.

Country Guides help you (and the travellers for whom you have duty of care) prepare for a trip. As just one example, the guide for some countries will tell you never to hail a taxi on the street, but always take one booked by the hotel. This is because that country will have a lot of dodgy, unlicensed taxis, and some could be dangerous.

If you’re an individual traveller, Security Alerts warn you in real time by text or email if there has been an incident that could affect you. Also, at any time, you can view all incidents in your country on the app or the Mia Bazo portal. Incidents can range from train cancellations or airport closures to political unrest.

If you’re a travel manager, you can opt to receive an email that notifies you when an incident has occurred that affects your travellers, and it lists the people affected. You can also view all the Security Alerts for all your affected travellers on the portal.

For example, one of our customers had employees travelling in Thailand when riots broke out and the airport was closed. He opened the Mia Bazo email, and immediately contacted them (even before they knew of the danger), and then coordinated their evacuation.

Automated Safety Check-ins are a daily request sent by text or email, asking the traveller if they’re OK. When the employee checks in, their travel manager can choose to receive that information. If the employee doesn’t check in, their travel manager will always get a “failed to check in” message.

If you’re an individual traveller, your designated person or persons will receive those messages.

As with all Mia Bazo services, Safety Check-ins are opt in.

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