Travel Security

If my employer implements Travel Security procedures, do I have to follow them?

We recommend it, and it may be a condition of your employment.

The best way to ensure employees are following security measures is through communication and training. Imposing measures, and insisting on them as a condition of employment, doesn’t achieve the same level of cooperation as developing the policies with the team. Imposed policies can create an environment of resentment, in which employees will do what they want anyway.

If you’re thinking of introducing new travel security procedures, we recommend you consult your travellers, get their feedback on the benefits or downsides, and ask them how best to implement the procedures you collectively choose.

Continual communication is also important. For example, if you’re going to Rio de Janeiro, your company policy may be that employees may not visit party favellas, because they aren’t safe. We know (and your employer probably knows) that if you’re a party person, you may go anyway.

So we recommend a conversation that goes like this: “OK, if do you go to a favela, be dropped off and picked up by a taxi booked by the hotel. And stay in a group. Can you agree to that?”

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