Visa Compliance

Where does Mia Bazo get the data to create the Visa and Immigration Compliance table?

All the services in Mia Bazo are integrated. When you obtain a visa or visa waiver*, you have to manually enter that information, but the rest of the data is taken directly from your itinerary, your confirmation-of-arrival responses in the Travel Tracking service, geolocation data from your phone (if you choose to use the Mia Bazo apps for this), and from the geolocation data of your expenses.

* If you are visiting a country for which you don’t need either a visa or a visa waiver, we still recommend that you enter that country into your Visa and Immigration tracking.

For example, if you are a UK citizen visiting Belgium before the ETIAS waiver takes effect, we recommend you manually enter a Schengen area “waiver” into your Visa and Immigration tracking, so the software can track how many days you have spent (and have left available) in all Schengen area countries combined.

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