Climate Impact

How does Mia Bazo calculate carbon footprint?

For vehicles, Mia Bazo calculates carbon emissions based on the best available data for the type of vehicle. You can either enter

  • Fuel consumption (which is the most accurate, but you have to remember to enter the information every time you purchase fuel), or
  • Mileage (which is less accurate, but as the information is always on your odometer, if you forget to enter it one month, it doesn’t matter).

For properties, we calculate the carbon footprint based on gas and electric consumption. If this data is not available (for example, you rent a small office space in a large building), we use estimates based on the size of your space.

We do not currently measure water consumption.

For travel, we’ve obsessively compiled publicly available data on each form of transport and accommodation (hotel, Airbnb, or short-term lettings). We continually add data, as methods of effectively measuring CO2 emissions improve.

For carbon offset (which reduces your carbon footprint), we partner with verified projects that are reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. You can make in-app purchases of carbon offset, or you can purchase carbon offset from other providers and enter that manually into your calculator.

You can set up automated carbon offset purchases, either monthly, or triggered by when your carbon footprint exceeds an amount you specify.

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