Travel Tracking

How do Mia Bazo's traveller confirmations work?

A certain amount of time before a trip segment (which your administrator can set), you will receive a text and/or email asking you if you are still planning to take that segment (e.g., “Are you travelling from Paris to Geneva at 13:05?”).

At that point, you can reply that you are or are not travelling. This will update your itinerary and notify your administrator (or your designated trusted person) of your confirmation or any deviation.

When you complete a trip segment, the travel tracking system will send you an automated query by text or email (e.g. “Have you arrived at Leonardo Da Vinci airport?”). You either respond “yes” or fail to respond.

If you respond “yes”, the system can send a confirmation to your travel administrator or designated person. If you don’t respond within a specified time period (which you or your administrator can set), the system can send a “failure to respond” notification.

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