I really only need the Mia Bazo Tax Compliance and Visa Compliance. Do I have to use the other tools?

Tax Compliance and Visa Compliance need to know where you’ve been to function. You have options for how Mia Bazo gathers this data.

  • Use Travel Tracking. Mia Bazo will gather your location data from your itinerary, and from your confirmations of arrival.
  • Download any of the apps that are capable of tracking the location of your phone, and turn on location tracking. These apps are Mia Travel (which includes Travel Tracking and Travel Security), Mia Tax, Mia Immigration and Mia Nucleus. As always, tracking the location of your phone is opt in.

The other services are optional, but heck, why not use them? Everyone should know their carbon footprint and how to decrease it. One of our customers gives each of their travellers a carbon budget – then each employee uses the Climate Impact calculator to stay inside of it.

Let's all love the planet. The Climate Impact Tool is free.

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