Travel Tracking

What are the functions of Mia Bazo’s Travel Tracking tool?

Our service includes

  • Itinerary management.
  • Tracking the location of a traveller using their itinerary (passive tracking).
  • Active tracking, which includes
    • Automated queries (e.g. “Have you arrived?”) and traveller confirmations, by text or email.
    • Real-time tracking of commercial flight status and location.
    • The geolocation of a traveller’s phone or tracking device, as an opt-in function.
    • The location of expenses the traveller enters into their expense management software or app.
  • Integration with a traveller’s travel management company, so booking data can automatically create a trip in the traveller’s itinerary.
  • “Email parsing”, which gives the traveller the ability to forward booking-confirmation emails to Mia Bazo, and the system will create a trip in the traveller’s itinerary.
  • Integration with the traveller’s tax and visa compliance services.
  • The ability for a traveller to change their itinerary on the fly.
  • The ability for a travel administrator – or for individuals, a designated trusted person – to view the locations of all members of their company or group.
  • Automated confirmations of arrival, for travel administrators and designated people.
  • Automated notifications to travel administrators or designated people that the traveller has failed to confirm arrival.
  • A travel tracking smartphone app.

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