What is a
Document and Vaccination Vault?

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Have you ever lost your passport, and needed to get emergency travel documents in order to leave a country? UK residents alone lose more than 40,000 every year. If you have a copy of your passport, getting emergency documents goes much faster. Ask anyone who works at a consulate.

Have you ever misplaced your vaccination records? Not just Covid vaccinations, but yellow fever and a raft of others. Awfully hard to get into any country without those right now.

And did you know that vaccination records have expiry dates? For example, some Covid vaccination certificates are only valid for 30 days. Have you ever been away from home and needed to report an incident to your travel insurance company? And then realised you left your policy and the company’s contact information at home?

Or are you super on top of things, and you carry a bulky folder with copies of your passports and driving licenses, your travel insurance information, and your vaccination records? What if you need one of those documents when you’re out and about, and the folder is locked in the safe at your hotel?

What if you’re away from home much of the year, and you need to renew your car registration? Do you keep track of the due date, and would you have the information you needed to pay the bill remotely?

What if you could securely store all those documents in one place, accessible on your phone – or on a computer if you lose your phone?

What if you had software that warned you when a document was approaching its expiry date?

We humbly submit, a secure, cloud-based platform, supported by an app, would simplify your life.

Mia Bazo contains all the functions discussed in this article.

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