What is
Expense Management?

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Expense Management Should Be Simple

If you travel for business, you probably shove all your receipts in one place during the trip. After the trip, you spend half a day scanning receipts and writing an expense report. Or if you’re like most people, you put it off until after two or more trips. Then you spend a full day on expense reporting.

Sometimes you peer at a receipt in a language you can’t read, trying to figure out what the purchase was and where you were when you made it. Sometimes you give up and leave that one off the report, because you can’t be sure it’s a business expense.

A complete expense management platform should enable you to

  • Photograph receipts on your phone and enter Photograph receipts on your phone and enter the details of the purchases, either online or offline.
  • them immediately into your trip data.
  • Tag the expense with the geolocation of the purchase.
  • Enter expenses later, on your smartphone app, on your computer, or by email, in case you didn’t have time when you made the purchase.
  • Run an expense report for each trip.
  • Integrate your geolocation information with your other travel tracking data to validate tax, visa and immigration reporting.

In other words, managing your business expenses should be easy.

Mia Bazo Expense Management fulfils all the functions in this article.

Additionally, if you’re a UK resident with a Monzo Bank account, your Monzo card transactions can be automatically entered into Mia Bazo.

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